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2011 ENPC/TNCC Instructor Course Save the date – October 21, 2011
UMass Worcester For more information contact Eileen Rockefeller, MA ENA Trauma Committee Chair

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National ENA President Diane Gurney, 2010 Karen O’Neil Professionalism Award winner Maureen Curtis-Cooper and 2009 Karen O’Neil Award winner Faye Everson

CONGRATULATIONS to Kathleen Walz RN and her “Back Pack Project”
Team Members from Boston Medical Center 2010 National ENA “TEAM AWARD” winners!!!!!!!!!!!

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NERS 2011   Save the Dates!!!

Governor Patrick reinstates SANE program funding

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The Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) wishes to congratulate and thank all emergency care nurses for the compassion, dedication, support and leadership that they provide to patients, families and co-workers on a daily basis.  During Emergency Nurses Week, October 11 through 17, 2009, please accept our profound thanks, respect and admiration for all that you do throughout the year.  You are a vital, irreplaceable member of the healthcare team and as ENA says: “EMERGENCY NURSES… SIMPLY THE BEST!”  And you are one of those!  So pat yourself on the back and enjoy the well-deserved recognition and gratitude of all those who have been impacted by your care and caring.

We are looking for your comments.  Please share your thoughts and experiences with your MA ENA colleagues.  Send to Robin Walsh at


MA Department of Public Health…

CMS Letter October 24, 2008 concerning “Standing Orders”  in Hospitals

MA Department of Public Health “Changes to Ambulance Diversion Policy”  effective January 1, 2009

Psychiatric Patients in the Emergency Department

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