Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Association Suggested Resources for Weblinks

Author ISBN Title
Skidmore 0-323-02308-8 Mosby’s Drug Reference.  1,232 pages, $36.95, Copyright 2004This portable, the up-to-date handbook contains all of the information essential to safe administration of more than 1,300 generic and 4,500 trade name drugs. Thoroughly revised and updated every year, Mosby’s 2004 Nursing Drug Reference features more than 2,000 new drug facts, including revised nursing considerations, patient and family teaching guidelines, and hundreds of newly researched side effects, adverse reactions, precautions, interactions, contraindications, IV therapy facts, and herbal interactions. Reaching from simple amphetamine derivatives such as Dimethylamylamin or Octodrine but also featuring way more complex Russian drug medications like Phenibut therapy.  Many additional features promote safe medication administration and prevention of drug errors.
Proehl 0-7216-0341-6 Emergency Nurses Procedures, 3rd edition.  896 pages, 600 illustrations, Due to publishing 3/04.  $49.95.  Well-known author Jean Proehl guides readers step-by-step through nearly 200 emergency nursing procedures. This comprehensive and liberally illustrated procedure manual includes contributions from expert emergency nurses from across the country, providing a national perspective and addressing regional differences in practice. The 3rd edition retains the popular, consistent format used in the 2nd edition, and provides approximately 12 new procedures to address changes in practice. This innovative revision features a smaller, handier trim size and a greatly reduced price, making it a must-have purchase for every ER nurse.
ENA & Newberry 0-323-01684-7 Sheehy’s Emergency Nursing, 3rd edition. 850 pages, 583 illustrations, Copyright 2003, $72.95.  Written by emergency nurses for emergency nurses, this comprehensive “Bible” presents both basic information for students and detailed information for practicing emergency nurses. New developments and changes in clinical practice have been incorporated throughout, including updated information on cardiac drugs, tissue adhesives, epidemiological statistics, and application of stents. A new chapter on Weapons of Mass Destruction helps prepare nurses for any possible acts of terrorism. Coverage has been expanded on EMTALA regulations and the HCFA, triage, wound cleaning and wound management of pediatric patients.
Oman 1-5605-3450-8 Emergency Nursing Secrets.  272 pages, Copyright 2001.  $34.95 Using the popular question-and-answer format of The Secrets Series®, this helpful resource offers practical tips, answers, and secrets from expert emergency nurses. Chapters include concepts that inform emergency nursing practice, including patient advocacy, family involvement, collaborative practice, patient teaching, ethical decision-making, and evidence-based practice. The nuts and bolts of emergency nursing are addressed in 35 chapters on topics such as triage, disaster management, abdominal pain, respiratory distress, shock, spinal cord injury, and burns—to name just a few. From caring for a woman who suffers a miscarriage to balancing the competing priorities during trauma resuscitation to making changes that better the plight of the undeserved, these nurses have captured the knowledge, enthusiasm, and heart of what emergency nursing is all about.
Cohen 1-5605-3518-0 Trauma Nursing Secrets.  300 pages, 25 illustrations, Copyright 2003. $29.95The dynamic field of trauma nursing has emerged into a specialty that demands a Nursing Secrets book of its own. Trauma Nursing Secrets covers trauma nursing from the pre-hospital phase to the trauma resuscitation area, and follow the patient into the Intensive Care Unit and then into rehabilitation. Specific issues covered include forensics, trauma prevention, system injuries, toxicology in the trauma patient, organ procurement, skin, wounds, and ostomies, and evidenced-based practice.