The Massachusetts ENA provides a unified voice for the interests of Massachusettsemergency nurses on many levels….on regional councils, at state agencies, and with other state, national and international organizations.

Massachusetts ENA also provides active committee structures dedicated to education, nurse practice, trauma, pediatrics, membership, injury prevention and communication.

Massachusetts ENA is dedicated to providing current emergency nursing information and education through our state council and chapter meetings, our triage and CEN review courses, our newsletter – MENU, which is published quarterly, and our website –

Massachusetts ENA provides many experiences and opportunities for emergency nurses including:

            *Sponsorship of TNCC, ENPC, and CATN courses

            *New England Regional Symposium (hosted by Massachusetts every 6 years)

            *An annual day-long education program – “Current Issues in Emergency Care”

            *State Council meetings held at various locations throughout the state which include

                        an educational component with CECH

            *Speakers Bureau

            *Annual Leadership Day

            *Active chapters that reflect regional interests and concerns

            *Chapter support

            *A free ENA membership to each chapter

            *Statewide Injury Prevention activities

            *Networking opportunities

            *Employment news

            *Scholarships to ENA activities

            *National involvement on committees and workgroups

            *Responsive leadership


            *Active delegation at the annual General Assembly with financial support

            *Mass-ENA listserve

            *Life-long friendships


            *Writing/Publishing opportunities

            *Updates on Legislative issues